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   Mechanical Stroke Counter

Mechanical Stroke Counter
5 digit top going or top coming stroke counter 
with knob reset on left/right.
It is also available with large knob. A non reset model has wide application on circuit breakers and OLTCs.
Over all size (mm); L-75 W-45 H-40
Mounting holes ; Hole, 5mm X-58 mm, Y-25 mm

Mechanical Stroke Counter

CS 6
A heavy duty 6 digit stroke counter with quick lever reset top going or top coming stroke directions available.'
A presetable model (CPS 5) is also available.
Over all size (mm); 166 W-65 H -70 Mounting holes : 4 Hole, 5mm.
X-98.5 mm, y-16.5 mm

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